I want!

I want to go into a shop and pick up a dress and not be bothered about how I look in it because I know I look fabulous.

I want to feel desired not just by my husband but by other men and woman, I am not saying I want to leave my husband but can I not be kitty on his arm.

I want to go swimming again, I’m not talking a bikini no just a costume would do, my children miss out on so much because of how I feel.

I want to be able to dress for summer inside of having a wardrobes filled with over sized hoodys.

But most of all I want to be HAPPY!

Week 1 exercise more every day and 4lb lost, the only person whom will achieve what I want is me!


3 responses to “I want!

  1. Well done on your great start! You are right , only you can make it happen and I am sure you will soon be where you want to be in weight and shape size xx

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