Nakedness and wet stuff!

And before you all start thinking my blog has gone off the rails firstly posting naked photos then producing titles like this that is where you are wrong. No this posting is all about toilet training. The joys of this part of parenthood.

R decided on Father’s Day that he no longer wanted to wear nappies. I think when a child decides this giving the parents no pre-warning the roles reserved, instead of the child being in the dark and confused and upset, the parents take on this role.

I am not saying that R took to it like a duck to water, on the contrary we are now a month in and it still feels like it’s the first week. Yes the past 2 days a small light has started to emerge, however I feel as if I have had a month of washing and sounding like a broken record.

As I sit here and type R is naked apart from his trainers, he has just plodded on to the downstairs bathroom got his potty, done a wee, poured it down the toilet and washed his hands. It truly is amazing how much he has come on in a matter of days really.

It hasn’t always bed sweetness and roses, trust me Sunday just gone whilst at an 18th birthday party, whilst sitting on Grandad’s knee he proceeded to poo everywhere, and I mean everwhere, the position of where R was sat meant that it has managed to get up and under the leg of his shorts, all down his leg, into his socks,and this is Grandad I am talking about so you can only guess at how bad R was.

This posting is not about how fantastic my son is at such a young age to already be 75% there with potty training, no no no no. It is purely about having patience with your child, sometimes the tricks in the books won’t help. Your child might like to sit in wet or doesn’t go exactly 13.3 minutes after eating or drinking something.

Here is what is working for us,

1) Taking his potty everywhere with us, he knows his potty and loves his potty, so even if it means carrying round the biggest thing you will ever see with us, if it means he is comfortable it works for us.

2) He is completely naked from the waist downwards when we are at home, this way he can get to a toilet quicker and I am not washing 20 million things a day.

3) Find a method of praise, a cheer, a clap heaven forbid even a chocolate button or sweet, you know what your child will perform to, for us, it’s a clap, cheers, kiss, cuddle and even a sweet at the end. Yes it’s a lot but to me it’s a big deal.

4) and last take 50 million sets of clothes out with you, and then 1 more set in the car for when you forget to replace, or we’re only popping out for a second. Even on their best of days if you go out and all of a sudden they find something interesting their minds are off and the last thing they will thing about is the toilet.


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