100WC for Grown Up’s!

So in having a late night looky on twitter I noticed Susan K Mann had entered a meme on The Head’s Office which basically you get given a prompt and you have to write 100 words on it.

So this week’s prompt is

You think I’m scruffy. You think I’m worthless. You think what you like but do you really know me? All you see is what your own mind wants you to see, I’m not saying this is right but please don’t think that I am wrong. I am merely a person a simple human being. Do not think any less of my because of the way that I dress, the cut of my hair, the colour of my skin or even my gender. I sit here and I will not go away so face your own dark side.


8 responses to “100WC for Grown Up’s!

  1. I love where you went with this! That push and pull of what one has heard perhaps a million times, making them feel defensive, yet aware of it while still wanting to be seen and heard. With your 100 words you’ve spoken to me of the complex feelings one has when being judged. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. I love this & it is so true if you read the other entries this week. Everyone has gone somewhere different with it. Thank you so much for taking up the challenge & I hope you become a regular!

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