Persil Small and Mighty (We’ll see) Review

I was contacted on Twitter by the lovely Caroline Elvin of Golin/Harris International to review the latest Persil 2in1 Small and mighty.



Having a overly sporty 6 year old boy, a crafty toilet training 2 year old boy and myself being a childminder it’s fair to say that washing gets done a fair bit in this house and the clothes well they take more than the average beating.

So what is it that Persil Small and Mighty claim they can do –

New Detergent is unbeatable in 30 minutes – saving energy, money and time

So you can do my washing on my quick wash hmmmmm! To the test it went.

The bottle arrived in the post that was the first plus about it the size, as a family we current use powder and the box takes up a huge amount of space.  So this neat and tidy 18 use bottle is a great space saver.

I am now 8 washes in and honestly it doesn’t wash that well on my quick wash. It smells nice when it comes out of the machine however it hasn’t washed overly well and the nice smell doesn’t appear to be lasting.

So I then tried in on a normal wash* and I was impressed, the smell really is lovely and fresh and the wash appears to be very clean.

So the bottles sizes come in 18,28,54 and 85 wash packs and the RRP starts from £4.39 and where facilities exists the packaging is made from recycled materials.

* My normal wash is a 30degree 90minute wash

Persil have spent a lot of time and money to encourage people to adopt the 30 minute wash cycle habit to help create a Cleaner Planet.

The Cleaner Planet Plan aims to tackle the environmental impact of laundry in three ways

. By helping and motivating consumers to wash more efficiently so they not only reduce their environmental impact but also save time,effort and money.

. By reducing the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

. By developing outstanding products cleaning products that enable consumers to decrease their environmental impacts.

For more information on The Cleaner Planet Plan look here!

So would I buy it myself?

Honestly no between the price and the fact that for me it didn’t work that great on a quick wash for me, however I think if you have a newer machine and not so many tough stains in your regular wash it would work great for you.


For doing this review I received one Persil Small and Mighty 18 use bottle and all my thoughts are my own.

Photo taken from the Persil Website.


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