Why is it so hard for mature students to go to university?

I have been thinking this for a while, Go back 10 years ago and as long as you had life experience you could go back to university.
It is not a decision people take lightly once you are past a certain age. I can tell you that for free I have a mortgage and 2 children to support so losing my income will be a big thing for our family so I know my heart is 100% in this, I was never great at exams however I work my heart and soul into what ever job I have ever done, I know my subject area and I execute it well.
However how am I suppose to get this across to a university administration board?
I am self-employed so having to lose an entire days wage to go for my 30minute interview, I have thought long and hard about taking this path and I do feel that if it doesn’t happen this academic year than financially is out of my league forever.
I cannot afford to give up work and attend a HE access course as there is no funding for this and my 2 local colleges the course is days not evenings otherwise I would take that route first.

I have researched this I know that I am more than ready to take the next step into HE, however how do I get this across to them.


3 responses to “Why is it so hard for mature students to go to university?

  1. I really sympathise! I’m in a different situation, but with similar parallels. You get to a certain age, you have kids, financial commitments etc. How can these people imagine you’re not committed? It’s not like you’re going to change your mind and take a gap year, is it?!!! Do come and have a look at my blog… The Secret Life of a Divorcee. It might even amuse you!!!

    Good luck!

  2. Go for it. Seriously. If you don’t, I’m sure you’ll look back & regret it. Admissions tutors are looking for a good balance in their intake. The mature students on my course added a new depth and different insight that I only just begin to understand.

    Let’s catch up soon.

  3. you know I had the same issues and was stunned to get it – agree with Emma – you are overthinking it – apply – nothing ventured..my application was full of stuff that was in no way related to the course but showed why i was interested and wanted to do it – do you think they atually want to be faced with a bank of half interested teenagers or people who actually know their own mind and have formed opinions and desires to be in education? as for income – Ive learnt that most courses are done over 2 days – so you could still work the other 3? go for it – dont talk yourself out of it

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