Are you a McCann

This is basically what someone  wrote yesterday on a forum I am on. That if we let our children to the park or to a friend’s house to play then we are merely doing what the McCann’s did.

This I took real offense to this comment, my child is nearly 7 and no he is not allowed to go to the park independently and as for going to a friend’s house to play, do we now not trust any parent?

What the McCann’s did was completely selfish, the put the children into the kids club all day then each and every evening proceeded to have their 8pm booking in this tapas bar ‘due to childcare’, then went to the restaurant leaving the patio door ajar. This is not good parenting. They deserve some time off? This is the attitude of non-parents I am sorry, but when you wee on that stick and those lines appear the sacrifices start, and holidays are one of them.

I am not a bad parent for not letting my child go to the park by himself, I am also not a bad parent for wrapping him up in cotton wool.

I don’t think the McCann’s deserved what happened to them not at all, however did they have it coming, sorry to say but in my eyes yes.


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