I am just about surviving the holidays. Being a childminded some days you do purely that survive.

I love my job however when you have 7 children in your care from the ages of 11 months up to 6 years old, it’s hard to entertain all.

I have been surviving through using my local council, seeing what they have on offer. This year we have sent days making crafts out of recyclable material, Bug Hunts, meeting rescue and forces workers. Spent a few afternoon having Party in Parks.

I have also arranged our own adventures from Famous Five styled trips to deserted coves, sports days with local childminders. Treasure hunt and den building in the woods.

There are also the days at home doing craft, from making masks to putting on a show.

I feel as much as planning is essential to survival I also feel that the children have to be on board, because if they are bored they are not having fun.

I have 7 working day left of this summer holidays, and yes I have survived it and at times really loved it again. Just need to get a car back on the road, then we can have so much more fun and adventure.


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