Comfort Brights

A month or so back a lovely lady from Golin Harris had got in touch with myself over trying out ‘Comfort Brights’ and ‘Comfort Brights White’.

Being a busy mum of 2 messy boys I always like to try out things that will help keep their clothes looking as new as possible.



Anti-age your clothes with the new range of fabric conditioners from Comfort

So firstly we have Comfort Bright Colour , RRP £3.88, it serves 21 washes and claims to keep for clothes bright and vibrant. We aren’t really a family who use fabric softener to be honest so the difference in the feel of our clothes was noticeable straight away. Another big things which took the whole family by pleasant surprise was the smell of our newly washed laundry, it really does smell divine.  As for keeping our clothes brighter I can’t say I have noticed overly but then the clothes may have already been faded past repair and also I think more than one bottle would be needed and time to see if it kept the colour of the fabric at that level for longer. Overall though it did go down well in our house and would be tempted to buy it on a more frequent bases.

Designed to help keep your colours and whites bright and vibrant, Comfort Brights is the only fabric conditioner on the market that is part of the colour care segment. The scientific pro-bright formula in Comfort Bright Colours helps prevent running or fading, keeping clothes looking as dazzling as when you first bought them. It’s suitable for use on all colours, from pastels through to deeper shades, and even stripes and patterns – perfect to maintain the colour of those rich hues we’re seeing right now.

Secondly I was sent ‘Comfort Bright White’, again the softness and smell where present and made for lovely laundry, however I one month in haven’t noticed that has done any difference in keeping my whites white. With its RRP also being £3.88 for 21 wash bottle I think we will be inclined to stick to our powdered stain remover instead.

o wardrobe is complete without some basic whites. Comfort Bright Whites can help make even dull whites bright and fresh again by gently enhancing the whiteness and radiance of your clothes. The Pro-White formula counteracts yellow or grey tones that can cause dulling and discolouration, helping to give you the brightest, most radiant whites with all the softness and freshness that Comfort brings.

For doing this review I received 1 bottle Comfort Bright Colour and 1 bottle of Comfort Bright Whites, and all of the thoughts are mine own.

The quotes were taken from Golin Harris information pack as were the Photographs.


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