A blessed touch by a special child . . .

Well really I should say children. I have been lucky enough to get work experience within a SEN school. It really opened my eyes to how lucky as I parent I am.

These children were warming, welcoming, kind and loving, but most of all accepting. I feel you could a trick or two from these children.

However this evening I plan on curling up with my boys hugging them tightly and thanking who ever blessed me with these two gorgeous happy, healthy home.

I sat in this bath this evening and I was taken back to being 18 years old, sitting on a medical bed , having my ultra sound and being told my baby, my gorgeous child growing inside me was possibly disabled. I began to cry, contemplating how different our lives would be now, I would still love him the same, there’s no doubting that. However would I be in University now? Would we have had our youngest? Heaven forbid would he still be with us now?

The husband we won’t educate a conversation about this. I feel so blessed that our life turned out. He is here and healthy, and we have been blessed with a second equally happy and healthy boy, of which I am thankful of each and every day.

And today, today I am also thankful for and those children will hold a place in my heart for a long time, those special gorgeous children and their beautiful smiles.


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