The little red shoe and the pebble!

Today in a lecture we were given a task to write a short story about 2 objects from the table. As you can more than likely guess my was a little red shoe and a pebble, so the story goes as follows . . .

She kicked off her red shoes and discarded them at the side of the path, the second she heard the sound of the trickling water. The socks flew off and before Mary had chance to stop Beth she was squealing with utter delight and happiness as she paddled in the stream. It was a warm day and the sun shone down on the crystal clear water, and as Beth walk from river bank to river bank she collected pebbles and handed them to Mary. As Beth returned for what felt like the millionth time, Mary was struck by the heart shaped pebble that was placed in her hand. Beth who ordinarily seemed so distant, held the pebble to her chest and for that split second, the sisters connected.  As the clouds covered over and air took a chill, Mary carefully placed the pebble in her pocket, dried Beth’s feet and popped back on her socks and red shoes. They walked home hand in hand silently, however something changed in them that day.


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