Semester one completed!

Well as I sit here in my PJ’s at 10am, enjoying my first day off since the back end of September, I sit and reflect on my first semester in University.

So after the whirlwind that was starting University I have settled in made some friends, attended my first placement and handed in 4 pieces of work.

To think that not even this time 6 months ago did I contemplate any of this and here I am doing it. I truly took the bull by the horns.

Outside the situation it is not easy as it could be. we’re not as well off as we were. We are counting every penny. I did try a nights job but it killed me I was getting hardly any sleep all for less than a £100 a week, I don’t think its enough to worth killing myself for.

We attended University for the last time on Thursday to obtain our mark for assignments. I tossed and turned that night, really felt quiet ill. Turned up to find out the lecturers was ill, NOOOOOOO. We were to receive them from the programme leaders instead. Knocking on the door the shaking started. I asked what my score was, 72 she told me. I went completely blank and asked what that meant. “A first silly”, All I can remember then is being handed tissues and being told to now stops stressing.

So how do I feel? Amazing to be honest, all I need now is to wait for my feedback so I know what it is I did well and what I still need to work on. However I now enter the Christmas happy.



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