5 Years from now!

I think it is good to dream. If we didn’t dream of bigger and better things where would we be?

So 5 years time would be Christmas 2016. My boys will be 12 and 7 and I will have hopefully have been married for 10 years.

Of course I want to still be happily married and for all 4 of us to be in perfect health (note how I said 4, that’s no more babies from me thank you).

Selfishly I would like to have qualified from University with as high a grade as I put the effort in for. Also to have gained a place on a good PGCE course which as well I would have completed with a good grade. Then to be within the first year working in a good localish school. As much as I realise it is hard to get a job within my local area and I know there is the possibly of travel, I don’t want to have to travel too far!

I would like the extension on our house to be in the pipeline if not already have started. To have 2 cars that actually work and are reliable. That we can afford a descent holiday aboard once a year.

I also hope that hubster is happy within his job and has been able to rise the ranks as I know he is capable of doing.

So go on you dream, dream high and dream often.


One response to “5 Years from now!

  1. Good idea for a post. I would like to be happy and healthy and own a pink mini! I would like to have at least one more little one and still be married to Joe. It would be nine years!!! Career wise I would like to have started my phd!! X

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