Abandoned in the car park!

Ok this is not how the title would seem.

This is a post about many of my dislikes about supermarket car parks!

1) Why do people just abandon their trolleys in the middle of the car park? Do you think that person in the florescent jackets likes going round collecting all the lost trolleys. There are trolley bays in every lane of my local supermarket yet people insist on leaving them instead of walking them a few feet to the bay.

2) Parent and Child V Disabled bays. Ok so until my youngest child hits 5 I will use a  parent and child bay if and please note the if he is in the car with me.  They are there because we need the space at either side of the door. You could place the spaces at the back of the car park for all I care, I just don’t want a huge dint in the side of my car thanks! But what annoys me more than the lazy folks that park in the bays are the disabled who seem to think they have a right over us!!!! You are given more than ample amount of car parking spaces yet if there is a parent and child space closer to the door you seem to think you have the right to park there??????? I would receive a £60 for parking in one of your bays don’t park in ours!!!!

Well that ends my mini rant for today Merry Christmas everyone ha!



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