The Gallery – The Ghost of Christmas Past!

Ok so it’s been a while since doing Tara’s gallery and in seeing this week’s theme I knew I had to add my own.

I adore Christmas it reminds me of the good things of my childhood being one of 50 million kids (well 10 really, but grew up as a 7 confusing!) it was always big loud and busy and oh how I love it!

So I take you back to my first ever Christmas, 1985. We would every Christmas morning gather on Mum’s bed and open our present there. Put the bows from the present’s on our hair. Then go downstairs to have the mismatch tables and emergency chairs for the 20+ we had for Christmas dinner every year.

I know I don’t see eye to eye with my Mum, however of the few things I do thank her for one is Christmas’, I will forever cherish and love those years.

Right as I go off to wipe my tears of memory you check out everyone’s else entries here!


15 responses to “The Gallery – The Ghost of Christmas Past!

  1. Wow and you all look so alike! Are you all girls? Your mum ad her hands very full didn’t she blimey! Still I love how you all gathered on her bed and stuck bows in yor hair – happy days x

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