Reasons to be Cheerful Week 51!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the HeartWow week 51 that’s gone fast I can remember joining in, in week 2 and look where it has gotten.

So it’s been a while so I can do a run down of the past few months

1) Getting into University, strange I know but it I hadn’t taken that leap this year and actually been granted a place I truly believe that we wouldn’t have been able to afford it. So I have completed semester 1, with 73% no less and if that doesn’t put a smile on your face nothing will.

2) We are nicely settled into our new home and about to enjoy our first family christmas in it. After room changing a few times I can happily say my fire was fitted 3 weeks ago and the difference a real fire makes to the atmosphere in our home is huge!

3)I’m in the black. Well with 3 sleeps till Christmas and having bought all bar 1 dvd and to be in the black (as a student) I am rather proud of this fact.

4) The boys are happy and healthy. That needs no more explanation.

5) I am still married. When starting to write on #R2BC we were half way through a marriage council ling course. I really thought it was the end back then. However we are about to celebrate another Christmas together as Man and Wife and it doesn’t appear to be our last.

6) I have buried the hatchet with some demons. This is quiet important to me. I had become quiet bitter and twisted about a few things in life, why I do not know. It wasn’t through jealousy or money. However I turned my back on life for a bit last year and it was me who cut my nose off to spite my own face.

So all in all I have enjoyed 2011 it has brought me more good than bad and of that I am truly thankful. Bottoms up to 2012.

If you have enjoyed reading my then why don’t you read others here and then join in.



2 responses to “Reasons to be Cheerful Week 51!

  1. Hey brilliant post! Good for you and your family on 4, 5 & 6. I hope you enjoy your university experience. Happy Christmas and may 2012 be joyous and fruitful year for and your family.

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