10 weeks 12 lbs!

In 10 weeks it’s my 6 wedding anniversary. R also turns 3. I want to be at goal by then. I have 12lb to go. To say I’ve been in limbo for a while is an under statement to say the least. I just couldn’t get back into the swing of it from being on holiday in October. I kept having an excuse in my own mind. It’s G’s birthday, It’s Christmas etc!

However I was only fooling myself, my weight watchers leader doesn’t give a hoot really, It’s my own self that needs to be accountable for my own actions.

I have upped my water intake again this week. And lots of things have been cut down. I have cut down on chocolate, I wish really wish I could state I had cut out but I haven’t :(. Today I will not let a piece of chocolate pass my lips, or a biscuit. I can’t, I need to prove to myself that I can do this.

I have walked 7 miles more than usually do this week, and incorporated a work out into my cleaning job, as well as that batty bike ride in did this morning in that wind *nut job*. So Exercise is back up and running *excuse the pun*. Bootcamp on Friday night come rain or shine. I am looking for a Zumba in my local area on Friday afternoons but not seeming too successful currently but i’ll keep trying.

I will update my weight on Saturday.


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