The place that time forgot!

Before we knew it we saw land and it was green, gorgeous cliff facings and churches at the edge. It was warm when we landed and we got that airport feeling, of exciting times. We purchased an Explorer card for both hubster and I and jumped on the number 1 bus to Port Erin.

The views along the way blew us away. Driving along side castles and market squares it was like we had started being taken back in time. It wasn’t until we saw the smoke over the tops of the houses of what could only be a steam train we knew we defiantly had.

When we arrived in Port Erin and went straight to explore. It is a small fishing harbor with a handful of pubs and cafes along the front and a Royal Lifeboat house. The boys kicked off their shoes and ran onto the beach. We spent what seemed like hours just watching the boys laugh and have fun whilst we drank beer out of plastic cups and took pictures of the scenery.  The people all seemed friendly, and beer was well priced. after having a rough year with our marriage and the house move it was lovely to just switch off and relax. Spend time as a 4 piece family which when in the hustle and bustel of home life you can forget to do. Just because you are all together doesn’t mean it is quality time. There is something about a

holiday which manages to do that.We went for a walk around the rest of the bay taking in the sights whilst the boys one of many locally made ice creams. In picking up a map we planned our next 2 days with carnivals, steam trains and horse drawn trams we knew we were in for a treat. So whilst enjoying fish and chips on the front with the boys enjoying their last play in the sand, we watched the sun set and walked home to end a perfect day.

 We headed down the road to catch the first train of the day, you could smell the smoke before you saw it. We had been informed that this railroad was what Thomas was based on and in now being there it’s true, not only from the views and it being an island but also that their diocese is actually Sodor!  The journey was an hour and all the men in my life could have happily had it longer. We went through rolling hills and beside dropping cliffs. We spotted farm animals and gorgeous Sir Topham Hat houses, trackside. As we entered Douglas there was bouncy castles and face painting, a Duck train giving children train rides up and down the line. It was lovely to see, and as the day went on the place became more and more child friendly. We hopped on a horse drawn tram and went the length of the Prom until we reached the Electric tram and the mountain tram. Passed the Laxey Wheel which is steeped with history and very so bloody tall. As we ended the day we headed back to Castletown for some tea, to be greeted with the street carnival and paper confetti, children’s rides and live music.  We danced, laughed and played the night away. Before we knew it, it had gone 10pm and we had to head back before we missed the last bus. It was an amazing evening and a carnival I really do intend to revisit in years to come.

We ended the holiday in Peel at there yearly festival, the sun was cracking the flags and G was doing some amazing crabbing. With the back drop of a stunning castle ruin and sitting on the jetty in the middle of the sea, we could have stayed there, we really could have. Hubster and I embraced, held eachother tight and promised we would make our marriage work and be there for our boys, holidays are powerful and must be taken.

This post was written for tots100 for a entry into their chance to win a holiday courtesy of Al Fresco Holidays. For more information on how to enter yourself click here!


3 responses to “The place that time forgot!

  1. Neverfoundtheplot – Ahh that really does sound like that holiday was very special both for you children and for you and your husband. By the way I also love your photos and how your site looks. Clever you. I particularly like the picture of your boys looking out the train window. Good luck with the comp! PS: I love a festival, so i’ll check out the Peel one. Thanks Michelle @mummyratesit x

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