Bucket List

As stated in previous blog – had already been thinking about mt bucket list before being nicely reminded of the film.
Definition of bucket list -A List of things to do before you die- Comes from the term ‘kick the bucket’.
It’s not as easy as it seems at first.

In the film the actual list which involves:

Get a Tattoo (I have 4)


See the Pyramids (done twice)

Drive a mustang Shelby

Visit Italy(done)

Visit Hong Kong(my most favorite holiday)

Laugh until I cry( I have done this quiet frequently)

Help a stranger(I’d say I’ve done it, but there is always room for improvement with this one)

Kiss the most beautiful girl in the world(well for me it would be boy and my 2 boys count for that)

See something majestic.

Somethings I will move across to my own list. I also have to look back at what fantastic opportunities I had as a child, travelling to the most amazing places such as Egypt, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand oh the list is quiet   literally endless. I have traveled by boat, plane,car, hovercraft. I have run, well completed the London Marathon. Oh these things I have done I count myself as very lucky.

Also in starting this blog a lovely lady called Jessica commented on my blog, so I had a nosey over on her site and I like some of her ideas. I don’t quiet think I will be able to do 101 things before I die, but If I die trying it shall be fun.

Completed ;-5

Partial;- 6

So here is my Bucket List;-

1) Bungee Jump

2)Sky Dive

3)Be a Birthing Partner

4) See the Northern Lights

5) Go Whale watching

6) Save a life

7) Meet someone with your own name – partial

8 ) Study the Kama Sutra and put theory into practice – I think my husband will like this one.

9) Visit all the main Waterfalls in the world

10) Go up into a hot air balloon.

11) Run a Marathon – completed

12) Get married in an unconventional way – completed

13) Skinny Dip

14) Write a Novel

15) Complete a Childhood Dream

16) Learn an Instrument

17)Visit Every Continent – partial

18) Bet on a Horse – partial

19) Make fire without matches

20) Get a free upgrade on a Plane

21) Be friends with an ex – completed

22) Turn up at an airport and go on the first holiday on the travel agents board in there

23) Attend a Film Premiere

24) Scuba Dive

25) Milk a cow

26) Watch your country win a major sporting competition

27) See both the Lunar and Solar eclipse

28) Learn another language

29) Do route 66

30) Complete the Great Wall of China

31) See the Taj Mahal

32) Buy something you can’t afford- partial

33) See the all-time great films – partial

34) Leave a job you hate  – completed

35) Join the Mile High Club (another one for the husband)

36)  Get into a Newspaper

37) Drive a car at top speed

38) Get a tattoo – completed

40) Learn Astronomy and Read the Night Sky

41) Sell all your junk on eBay – partial

42) Learn to Ski

43) Conquer Your Fear

44) Visit at least 10 Michelin starred restaurants

45) Go White Water rafting

46) Get Revenge

47) Have a part in a film

48) Confess

49) Swim with sharks

50) get back to 9st3lb

I think that is all I can master doing for now, it may increase as the years go on. But we’ll see if I can do theses ones first.


7 responses to “Bucket List

  1. Cool list! I’ve done done the scuba diving, travelled route 66 and seen the Northern Lights….you should add do a husky sled ride in the snow on that too.
    I’ve also skinny dipped ahem….
    I love the idea of turning up at the airport to go on the first flight on the board!

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  3. I’ve done quite a few of these things already and others are on my list as well. Good luck with achieving your goals and making the most out of life.

  4. I finally saw this on your recommendation! My Mum and I watched it and absolutely loved it. Such a funny, heartwarming and positive film. And it contains my favourite actor of all time. May have to do my own list now xX

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment recently on my blog. I have read your blog a few times and will enjoy reading more. Love the bucket list – I should make one of my own, although I suspect most of the fun ones will already be ticked and not much interesting left to do so I may not inspire me! Helen

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