I’m moving!

No not house again I’ve done that enough for the next 10 years at least.

No this blog is moving, after being with WordPress for the past 12 months I’m not overly impressed and my beloved blogger is calling me back.

You will still find me at neverfoundtheplot but instead it will be http://www.neverfoundtheplot.blogspot.com

Thank for following and I hope you carry on with me!


Wake up and smell the coffee, your life is not that bad!

I’ve been in a fog the past couple of weeks, I think post Christmas gets most people. I have got other dangerous things going on in that old mind of mine, however all in all it’s that time of year where things can just easily get on top of me and make me feel like I can not cope.

In doing my morning routine of getting up, feeding various children, packing the hubster off to work and sending the boys upstairs to brush teeth etc, I get 10 minutes to check emails, Facebook, twitter and the like. This morning on Facebook there was the usual chit chat on the time line, a long with a load of rubbish that I normally flick straight past. Then this one youtube video caught my eye. It was a person who doesn’t normally put up videos, and people had been commenting on it, so I thought it mustn’t be a virus like they have been known to be.

I click, I watched, I cried.

This man, this awe inspiring man just saw life in the correct way. And yes I do believe there is a correct way to view life and I don’t have proof to back it up, it’s just the correct way, which is having a positive outlook on life regardless of what it is life throws at you.

I leave the video with you to watch. Please tell me what you think of it and him as I just feel this amazing man needs to publicity.

Plus’ to a civil partnership ceremonies for women!

I have just been looking through some fandabbydosy pictures of a friend of mine at their friend’s civil partnership ceremony (long winded sorry about that)

It dawned on as I drooled over her lush looking shoes that as a woman at a male civil partnership ceremony you can go all out, and dress over of this world amazing without having to take a seconds thought of showing up the bride!



10 weeks 12 lbs!

In 10 weeks it’s my 6 wedding anniversary. R also turns 3. I want to be at goal by then. I have 12lb to go. To say I’ve been in limbo for a while is an under statement to say the least. I just couldn’t get back into the swing of it from being on holiday in October. I kept having an excuse in my own mind. It’s G’s birthday, It’s Christmas etc!

However I was only fooling myself, my weight watchers leader doesn’t give a hoot really, It’s my own self that needs to be accountable for my own actions.

I have upped my water intake again this week. And lots of things have been cut down. I have cut down on chocolate, I wish really wish I could state I had cut out but I haven’t :(. Today I will not let a piece of chocolate pass my lips, or a biscuit. I can’t, I need to prove to myself that I can do this.

I have walked 7 miles more than usually do this week, and incorporated a work out into my cleaning job, as well as that batty bike ride in did this morning in that wind *nut job*. So Exercise is back up and running *excuse the pun*. Bootcamp on Friday night come rain or shine. I am looking for a Zumba in my local area on Friday afternoons but not seeming too successful currently but i’ll keep trying.

I will update my weight on Saturday.

Back to normality – well sort of!

It’s official the decorations are down! It’s amazing how 1 – how dirty your house appears to get over the course of December 2 – How much bigger your house feels once the tree is down.

G goes back to school tomorrow and R to preschool on Thursday. University for me starts back next Monday, but it does give me some time to sort the hallway out, stripping the wallpaper and prepping for painting over the weekend.

All the best for 2012 everyone and enjoy normality, even if it’s for a little while!

2011 for me!

Well what can I say 2011 has been up there as a monumental year for me.

I’ll go through month by month explaining my amazing year!

January – Saved my marriage, after 6 months our therapist told us we no longer needed, and do you know what near 12 months on she was right!

February – I started this blog, what a turning point in my life this was and it all started with this post! This blog has been an escape and a half for me, I have made some lovely friends and it has really provided me with the strength to believe in my own writing ability. So many people who I have up most respect for have complimented my writing and told me that they are thinking of writing a blog because of little old me. Well 1 – just do it if you have the need to write then do it, 2 – You’re bound to be better than me 3 – sent a link to your blog once you’ve set it up!

March – I started writing for Brew Drinking Thinkings  , what an experience these guys and gals have taught me. I started by writing as their children’s activity writer. I was so proud of my first publication , I think I triple checked every 10 minutes to make sure it was still there.

April – We moved into our newest house. I can say it’s been the most welcoming house thus far. There is a community to this road, night we moved in we had neighbours popping round with beers. We had a BBQ with 4 families within a week and it’s just been lovely. The boys love how close we are to the swings, the fact that R can see the swings from his bedroom made his day!

May – I received my first ever item to review, granted it was only washing liquid, however it meant I had made an impact somewhere in the blogging world. I have done a handful since and as much I don’t want to be a sell out, the odd DVD, Children’s toy etc are always fun to review!

June– I had a bit of a mental and worried that I was no longer going to get any more childminded children so decided to apply to University. Ha what a joke hey! I also went to my first ever Glastonbury, amazing, ending the very muddy but very fun festival moshing like a lunatic to Queen’s of the Stone Age, felt like a Me and not  a Mum, a treasured memory!

July– I wrote this post , and began my drastic life plan change. I finally decided I could not live my life just getting bigger and more and more unhappy! So I joined Weight Watchers and Bodyfit Bootcamp with Lixwall and what can I say they changed my life.

August – We experience the Isle of Man, Wow what a place. I can not explain in words what the place is like, however it was like we had been had been sent back in time to a lovely innocent world. Trains, horse-drawn trams the works I can not recommend a visit there more. I also had an interview for University of which shockingly ended with me getting a place.

September – I closed down my business and went to university like a big girl. T’was the single scariest thing of my life. Attending University as a mature student is something I would both recommended and put off in the same sentence. However here is to the next 3 years or so.

October – We had a magical time at Disneyland, seeing both my boys enjoy themselves so much is enough to put a smile on any parent’s face. G’s highlight was taking him on his very first upside down roller coaster, not sure he feels the same way but was good to spend time with just him. R’s by far was watching his face meet Woody it was a complete picture, I hope it is as treasured to him as it is to the rest of our family. On a selfish note I got to meet Jack and Sally from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, oh my lord I turned into a child again and ran after them like a giddy kid!

November – I always love November as it is another year older as a mother for me. However my highlight for this year had to be watching G be picked to lay the wreath on Remembrance Sunday. I wept as he did it, I was ever should the proud mother and I love him to death. Also Big Sis told me she had met someone, made the year.

December – Well what a December, Christmas is always magical in this house being 1 of so many children it’s a family time and a half. However highlight had to go to getting a first in my first assignment. I also had my log stove fitted making for a wonderful atmosphere in our house.

A lot has changed in our little family in 12 months, some bad but mainly good and for me it has been a year to treasure. I plan to focus on the good and enter 2012 with my head held high and enjoy 2012 whole heartily.

Happy New Year Readers and all the best


That apple hasn’t fallen far from your tree!

Oh my lord, facebook as I have stated before now is the route of all evil! I read yesterday yet another status in someone’s constant running commentary. However this particular update struck a chord, so I investigated further.

So there is a mother and daughter having a slanging match all over the girl’s wall. Many, many, many times I have sat reading the updates and thought really too much for facebook! However what hope does the girl have if her own mother who is nearly 40 does the same!

I know I am not the picture of innocence and have been known to spill a bit more than I should, however people do not known my entire life story on their. Please both of you grow up and speak face to face for once!