Looking for the Plot?

Why hello there. You know how people say they have lost the plot. Well I am Vickie and I have never found it.

So this is way of trying to find it for the first time.

Along the way so far I have met some strange bloke named Chris, he seemed ok so I invited him to join me in my travels.

We also met 2 other men one called G and another called R. They seemed cute enough and in need of someone to care and as the older one appeared to look a lot like me and the younger like Chris we decided we would let them join the bandwagon also.

to be continued . . .

If you are wishing to contact me whilst I am lost, trying to find the plot, please do so here. I love comments however if you wish to contact me direct then do so via these avenue.

Email: dementedyoungmother@gmail.com

Website: http://vickiefordchildminding.webs.com

Twitter: mumfordandsons85


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