Alyson Makes/Lucy Locket

This company makes crafts from canvas’ to wedding invites.Everything you see here is handmade, unique ans entirely personal. It is not mass produced so if you are looking for something for your home or as a special personalised gift I think it may hit the nail on the head.
I was first introduced to this company 12 months ago when I was offered free thank you cards after my son’s first birthday. She had taken some picture of him and wanted to use them as publicity. I got lovely thank you cards she got to use my son’s face, fair deal.
They arrived and they were on 6×4 photo quality paper so not your usual thank you card. The design is a very shabby chic design making for a very unique item. It was almost as if I was thanking people for their gift by giving them a gift in return.
I received 20 postcard in 2 different styles and sayings, one thanking for presents and one thanking for their contributions(I asked for money). I kept one of each style as a keepsake and the rest were given to family and friends, everyone who received one loved it and treat it more as photograph than a mere thank you card that tends to be thrown out with the recycling.
For 20 it is £10!Bargain for a memory if you ask me!
The second item I have happily received was a ‘Birth Canvas’. It contains all of the details of the baby i.e full name, birth weight, gestation etc. Around the outside of the main information is the lyrics to a song/ verses of a poem that you feel is connected to this child. Then you have the option of having a photograph in the centre of the canvas. I personally didn’t go for the photograph option as I feel it takes away the timeless aspect of the canvas. My canvas is in a baby blue, however the colour options are blue/pink/red and green.
Anyone who has seen my canvas comments on it and again how unique it is. It has pride of place on my mantel piece and I am more than happy to pay for one to be made up for my eldest son.
The only downsides I can see in this product is if you are wanting to buy it on behalf of another person as a birth present/christening present is the information needed for the product. And that maybe gestation and time of birth could be changed for god-parent/birthing partners.
The company do all sorts of different occasion canvas’s from Wedding ones to the newest released Mother’s Day one.
£22 for 8″x8″!
I found the service to be good, with approval to be gathered before any orders were placed, and as I asked for a few changes on both the thank you cards and canvas’s she happily took all needs into consideration and were she thought it wouldn’t work also pointed this out and as you can she from the photographs her eye for detail is second to none.
For more photographs and information on the Thank You’s, iPhone covers, Blackberry Covers Wedding invites click here.
And for more photographs and information on all the different canvas’s there are on offer click here.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your buys as much as I plan to.

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