Lost within a world of books, assignments and critical thinking.

Well it happened, I actually managed to acquire a place at University. As of September of this year I am, an Undergraduate of Glyndwr University, studying Families, Education and Childhood studies.

After experiencing Fresher’s week as a mature student, and barely making it through my first week of lectures I am now at he back end of my second week and I have in my possession 4 assignments making criteria and one having a deadline of 4th November. Yes you read that correctly Friday 4th November less than 4 weeks away.

Having never written an assignment before having this mammoth task of a 2000 word essay to research and write at a university level within 4 weeks is one I am rather daunted about to say the least.

I have managed to start writing part of the introduction and I have started reading up on the subject matter and I am prepared to spend our family holiday engrossed in books instead of at the bar in the evenings.

It is a very strange set of emotions that are happening to me.

1, Guilt, leaving my children day in day out to do something complete selfish and for me.

2, Greed, not of the usual monetary style, the complete opposite in fact I have quit my job and lost a big chunk of our family’s income in order to again partake in completely selfish act.

3, Unintelligent, yes in attending Higher Education I feel like I am not intelligent enough to be there and as if someone is going to tap me on the shoulder and tell me your trial is up now please collect your things and return to your normal life.

4, and most importantly, Joy, I am finally getting to do the one thing I have wanted since ever since I can remember. In having G so young I felt it had gone from beyond my reach however I am now there, attending and do you no what even though I am classed as a ‘mature student’ I do not feel that way.